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SmartSort Citrus by Greefa


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With the SmartSort-citrus, Greefa presents a new achievement in engineering and design. Retaining the precision of all its parameters, this machine can grade 12 fruits per secondwith the greatest ease, and with very low maintenance needs. With all of these basic qualities, the SmartSort-citrus has been developed to suit the special needs of the citrus sector and to satisfy the demands the most exacting client.

The iQS-citrus (intelligent Quality Sorter) option has been specially designed for citrus fruits and permits flexible yet precise external quality selection to meet the specific needs of each client, thus maximizing profi t while saving on labour costs.

Greefa quality in motion
Summary of the advantages of the SmartSort-citrus:

  • 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 lane models with custom-made exits tailored to suit your needs
  • Productive and efficient, with all selection parameters optimised to 100% of its speedInnovative and high quality specifi cally designed for citrus fruits
  • Can be used for large fruits such as oranges as well as for small fruits such as tangerines
  • Low maintenance needs, even for large machines (more than 100 meters)
  • Safe, reliable and durable ? Easy to use
  • Modular construction, making it easy to expand at a later date
  • Wide range of selection parameters available (modules)
  • New software (iGS), based on Windows off ers numerous possibilities
  • Grading result is not aff ected by stray labels in the reading area


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