Reducing food waste is no pipe dream Ampliar
Reducing food waste is no pipe dream


Autor: Merino Pacheco, Miguel

by Miguel Merino-Pacheco, april 2017, 7 pages

Due to the amounts involved, food waste is today one of the world´s biggest problems. It is a problem that cannot be ignored. To face this issue is a collective job, a difficult one, but a job that can be done.

Together with climate change and growth of world population, food waste is a basic component of the food security problem.In the last ten years, world temperature average has increased in 0.15 to 0.20 º C per year. And during the last three decades, food prices have increased in 6.4%.

The influence on agricultural area and on water availability for agriculture is even more dramatic, with water stress expected to increase radically within 25 years in North Africa, Southern Europe the Southern axis of Asia – down to the Pacific shores – and in important areas of North and South America. Needless to say, no significant agricultural area in the world would be excluded from this process.

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