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Integrated management strategic plan for cherries


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By Katie Murray and Paul Jepson. Oregon State University. 49 pages. September 2018

This plan is part of a proactive effort to identify pest-management priorities and lay a foundation for future strategies and increased use of integrated pest management (IPM) in sweet cherry production.

It arose out of a January 2018 meeting of growers, commodity-group representatives, pest control advisors, processors, university specialists, and other technical experts in Oregon and Washington, who met for a day in The Dalles, Oregon, where they reached consensus on the strategies outlined here.

This plan lists major pests, current management practices, critical pest-management needs, activity timetables and efficacy ratings of various management tools for specific pests in cherry production. The result is a comprehensive strategic plan that highlights the current activities in IPM and pest-specific critical needs for the Oregon and Washington cherry industry. Members of the group voted on a list of top-priority critical needs.

They also compiled a list of broader IPM needs based on work group input related to specific IPM topics. This document also includes critical needs specific to crop stage. The document begins with an overview of cherry production.

Each pest is then described briefly, with links provided for more information. Within each major pest grouping (insects, diseases and weeds), individual pests are presented in alphabetical order, not in order of importance. The remainder of the document is an analysis of management practices and critical needs organized by crop growth stage in an effort to assist the reader in understanding whole-season management practices.

Current management practices are presented using a prevention, avoidance, monitoring and suppression (PAMS) framework to place practices within a simple IPM classification and to demonstrate areas where additional tools or practices may be needed.

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