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Postharvest physiology and biochemistry of fruits and vegetables


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By Elhadi Yahia (Ed.) & Armando Carrillo López (Associated Ed.). 1st Edition. 2018. Editor, WP. Biotechnological concepts to control firmness, quality and the nutritional value of fruits. 510 pages. ISBN 9780128132791
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Postharvest Physiology and Biochemistry of Fruits and Vegetables presents an updated, interrelated and sequenced view of the contribution of fruits and vegetables on human health, their aspects of plant metabolism, physical and chemical/compositional changes during the entire fruit development lifecycle, the physiological disorders and biochemical effects of modified/controlled atmospheres, and the biotechnology of horticultural crops.

The book is written specifically for those interested in preharvest and postharvest crop science and the impact of physiological and biochemical changes on their roles as functional foods.

Table of Contents

Foreword - Autar Mattoo

  1. Introduction - Elhadi M. Yahia
  2. Contribution of fruits and vegetables on human health - Elhadi M. Yahia
  3. Photosynthesis - Elhadi M. Yahia
  4. Respiration - Mikal Saltveit
  5. Ethylene - Alessandro Botton, Pietro Tonutti and Benedetto Ruperti
  6. Morphology and anatomy - Armando Carrillo López Sr.
  7. Ripening and senescence - Lorenzo Zacarias
  8. Transpiration - Juan Carlos Díaz Pérez
  9. Carbohydrates - Elhadi M. Yahia and Armando Carrillo López Sr.
  10. Organic acids - Jose Vallarino and Sonia Osorio
  11. Pigments - Alexei Solovchenko and Chunxian Chen
  12. Phenolic compounds - Emilio Álvarez Parrilla
  13. Lipids - Gustavo González Aguilar
  14. Texture - Josefa Adriana Sañudo Barajas, Leontina Lipan, Marina Cano Lamadrid, Rosabel Vélez de la Rocha, Luis Noguera-Artiaga, Lucía Sánchez Rodríguez, Ángel A. Carbonell Barrachina and Francisca Hernández
  15. Proteins - Azizah Misran
  16. Enzymes - Sunil Kumar
  17. Vitamins - Angelos K. Kanellis
  18. Minerals - Luis Romero
  19. Flavors and Aromas - Ángel A. Carbonell Barrachina
  20. Physiological responses to stress - Yoshihiro Imahori
  21. Physiological and biochemical effects of modified and controlled atmospheres - Pietro Tonutti, Dubravka Cukrov and Stefano Brizzolara
  22. Molecular Biology and Biotechnology of Horticultural Crops - Martin Ernesto Tiznado Hernández

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