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Novel postharvest treatments of fresh produce


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By Sunil Pareek (Dec. 2017)

Consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables has increased dramatically in the last several decades. This increased consumption has put a greater burden on the fresh produce industry to provide fresher product quality, combined with a high level of food safety. Therefore, postharvest handling, storage and shipment of horticultural crops, including fruit and vegetable products has increased in importance.

Novel Postharvest Treatments of Fresh Produce focuses mainly on the application of novel treatments for fruits and vegetables shipping and handling life. A greater emphasis is placed on effects of postharvest treatments on senescence and ripening, bioactive molecule contents and food safety. The work presented within this book explores a wide range of topics pertaining to novel postharvest treatments for fresh and fresh-cut fruits and vegetables including applications of various active agents, green postharvest treatments, physical treatments and combinations of the aforementioned.


  • Focuses on maintaining the quality of fresh produce under storage. 
  • Covers cutting edge technologies for postharvest treatments such as nitric oxide, ozone, 1-MCP, UV light, salicylic acids, methyl jasmonates, and their physiology, biology, and applied aspects related to horticultural produce. 
  • Provides insight into the latest developments in packaging and storage technologies. Addresses issues regarding Green Postharvest treatments for the fresh produce industry.

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PAREEK, Sunil; December 2017; Novel Postharvest Treatments of Fresh Produce; CRC Press; ISBN 9781498729918

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