Geosort III, by Greefa, impressive selection of innovations Ampliar
Geosort III, by Greefa, impressive selection of innovations


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Making the right choice is very easy with the GeoSortIII Greefa proudly presents the new GeoSortIII. This high-end sorting machine sorts no less than 8 fruits per second, but also handles your fruit with great care.

The GeoSortIII is ther efore particularly suitable f or easily bruised fruit, e.g. delicate apples such as Golden Delicious or peaches. Greefa designed the GeoSortIII with care, to better cater to your needs.

The innovations that this involved ar e described adjacent. As you can see, we also gave the design the attention it needed.Greefa-flap Fruit-friendliness is essential for sorting your fruit. The unloading from the carrier is an important point here. Greefa has a number of systems for this, such as sideways unloading through brushes, a system with which the Greefa SmartSort is equipped. For the GeoSortIII, Greefa has, however, again chosen the wel l-known and wear-r esistant Greefa-flap. This unloading has also adapted to be compatible with the GeoSortIII.

The advantage of the Greefa-flap is that the sorting speed in no way affects the fruit handling. This means that fruit-friendliness is also guaranteed at high speeds.

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