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PacLife. Catalog & Technology 2018


After twelve years of research, PACLIFE creates a new packaging films generation, with high permeability in order to increase shelf-life fruits, vegetables and ornamentals.

Indeed, it’s an active packaging which interacts with products inside of the bag and adapts his molecular composition to manage all changes in fruit respiratory rate giving a stable and secure internal atmosphere, increasing the life of fresh fruits and vegetables, which has irrefutably demonstrated in the last six export seasons by the Chilean fruit industry.

The technology applied corresponds to a development patented by the company; after the sealing of the PACLIFE’S bag, the fruit or vegetable continues to breathe, lowering the concentration of oxygen and increasing carbon dioxide within it until get an atmosphere of equilibrium. This, united to the regular postharvest tools, extend the life of the product, while maintaining its flavor and organoleptic characteristics for longer.

This technology, specific for every species needs, can also control the concentration of ethylene inside of the bag due to his nano-compounds inserted on matrix of the polymer. This is very important to avoid the action of this hormone, that catalyzes the senescence and maturation of fruits and vegetables.

Nowadays, the company counts on numerous trials about its plastics and practical results from export to distant markets.

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