PHILABUSTER®, the postharvest Janssen preservation solution Ampliar
PHILABUSTER®, the postharvest Janssen preservation solution


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PHILABUSTER® combines the active ingredients imazalil sulfate and pyrimethanil, two fungicides with different modes of action and a high level of efficacy. The active ingredients show synergistic effects against a variety of pathogens and as a result it offers a high-level control of a broad spectrum of postharvest diseases. The product offers as well a preventive, curative as anti-sporulation activity. The product contains 200 g/l pyrimethanil and 200 g/l imazalil and is formulated as a Suspension Concentrate (SC).

The PHILABUSTER® brochure for citrus fruits explains: The product Application Use recomendations The mode of action The spectrum of activity A link to the MRLs database Efficacy of PHILABUSTER®, via water and via wax The anti-resistance strategy Good management practices in the orchard and in the packinghouse, and ends explaining the Key use reasons for PHILABUSTER®.


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